previous projects

Our past projects are as diverse as the communities we serve. We have successfully implemented water storage and distribution, water management, and computer science projects in the following countries:

  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Bolivia

Cabezas, Bolivia

The students of Nuestra Señora del Carmen Centro del Educativo school in Cabezas, Bolivia did not have a computer lab and were unable to learn the computer skills necessary to improve their standard living.

After learning of the need for computers, members of the ongoing water remediation and drip irrigation project united and were awarded a grant to provide the labs.
One at the main campus in Cabezas, and two more labs as satellite campuses in nearby towns.

Village of Panimacac, Guatemala

The existing open spring water collection system led to health problems such as intestinal diseases.

Disparages water supply had affected the lives of families, often leaving children unattended while the women went to collect potable water.

By providing a source of safe drinking water to the community and a healthy service level to individual families, the risk of diseases was marginalized and living conditions of the villages was alleviated, in turn strengthening the community.

Las Malvinas, Mexico

The focus of this project was in Las Malvinas, a Mexican fishing village comprised of primarily low income families. The island community did not have sufficient potable water due to the high salinity of local water resources.

We worked along side the EWB student chapter of Southern Methodist University (SMU) to bring in usable potable water to the village.
The problem was compounded by the isolation of the island which is 15 miles from the mainland.

Andhra Pradesh, India

On December 26, 2004 a series of destructive tsunami waves hit coastlines all around the Indian Ocean. In Andhra Pradesh, India, a five meter high wave pushed over two kilometers; destroying houses, ruining a well, and taking out entire fishing fleets.